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What would you like to know about how the new science orgs are run?

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How fast can a bureaucracy grow in a government scientific department?

Birds, Frogs, and...Squirrels?

Feynman on journal reviews, conferences, and the open-mindedness of the physics profession

Four fun anecdotes from the Feynman Oral Histories

Irving Langmuir, the General Electric Research Laboratory, and when applications lead to theory

How Karl Compton believed a research department should be run

A Progress Studies History of Early MIT — Part 3: The end of the beginning

A Progress Studies History of Early MIT— Part 2: An Industrial Research Powerhouse

A Progress Studies History of Early MIT — Part 1: Training the engineers who built the country

Coming pieces from the Engineering Innovation Substack

Unpacking the ‘idea’ of entrepreneurship: A case study in successful translational medicine

We won the war on infectious diseases, but now we need to learn from it

When do ideas get easier to find?

Engineering Innovation Updates

Bombs, Brains, and Science

Watson’s Double Helix, one small clue, and the importance of knowing what you don’t know

John von Neumann: A Strange Kind of Bird

New ideas for making optimal use of experts in grant-funding

The Industrialist: An applied R&D lab bringing the insights of development economics to Indian factories

Is America’s applied and basic research really “applied” or “basic”?

What should new-age research organizations be optimizing for?

Creating a New Ecosystem of Research and Innovation